40 Days of Choice - Day 1

40days1.jpgOver the next 40 days, we'll be posting and sharing about the #40daysofchoice counteraction that is happening in Kitchener, Ontario. We hope it inspires you to join local organizer Sarah Robertson (she is our own Wonder Woman) and the counteraction's supporters locally and in your own community. 

Today marks the beginning of the "40 Days For Life" action, an anti-abortion protest movement. Today also marks the beginning of the #40daysforchoice counteraction.

I believe the "pray to end abortion" protestors will be outside Freeport Hospital from about 8-7 daily for the next 40 days. —Sara Bingham

Anyone who opposes choice is, in my opinion, is forcing their views on others. The people out here are tormenting those who are going through an already stressful and difficult time. THAT is what causes trauma—the stigma and lack of support. 

Women—and anyone with a uterus—should be free to make the choices they need to for their own bodies and lives. So yes, anyone who opposes abortion is anti-woman.

We're not there for conflicts. We're there to support folks who are coming in and out of the clinic. They're the ones who really don't need some holier-than-thou jackholes throwing their personal values around. What they need is support and empathy. NOT judgment and condemnation.

Today there was one minor conflict at the anti-choice protestors' "shift change." A woman who was there for the protest and said, "Oh. You're against us??" I stated that I was not. I was there to support the women who make the choice. She then pulled out plastic fetuses and started talking about how I was naive. I asked her respectfully to leave me be. That I had not spoken to any of her colleagues and respect her right to protest and hoped she would respect mine to support.


Feel free to join Sarah in her show of support for choice. I was out for a bit with her today at the Freeport entrance (opposite side of King Street from the actual driveway). Someone else also joined in for a while.

We are standing across from Freeport Hospital during the 40 Days for Life action (Sept 27 - Nov 5). The pro-life protestors sign up to be there in one-hour chunks, from 7am-7pm daily. We are trying to be there as much as we can during those hours, too.

We are there to show SUPPORT for choice. We are NOT there to engage, argue, or debate with those who are taking part in the anti-choice action. Those aren't the things that change minds, anyway. Please remember to be kind.

Some things we ask:

  • Please try not to swear (at least within earshot of others)
  • If you smoke, please do so away from our signs and group
  • Keep hydrated
  • Stay safe

There will be extra signs, so you can just show up.

Please also be aware there aren't really washroom facilities around, and the ground is quite uneven and not super accessible. There is a small shoulder on the road, but that's not super safe.


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