You Are More Than Your Body

My body, like all women’s bodies, has always been up for discussion. Continue reading

An interview with Tracey Erin Smith #womenintheatre #genderequity

Thank you for Tracey Erin Smith for joining us for this episode of our podcast. Along with leading a bus filled with women to Washington, DC on January 20, 2017, Tracey has joined us today to talk about women in theatre, giving back and gender equity. Continue reading

An interview with Claudia Chender #womeninpolitics

Thank you for Claudia Chender for joining us for this episode of our podcast. Claudia Chender is the MLA for Dartmouth South and NDP Critic for Education, Justice, Human Rights and Business. Claudia joins us to talk about women in politics. Continue reading

An Interview with Carla Ciccone #Prochoice #Metoo

Thank you to Carla Ciccone for joining us today. Carla Ciccone is a writer and editor and has written articles for numerous North American publications. In 2013, Carla tried to warn women about Jian Ghomeshi. Today she shares stories about abortion, violence against women and being believed.    Continue reading

An Interview with Hillary Elliot #16days #EndVAW

Today's interview with Hilary Elliott of Grandmothers Advocacy Network (GRAN) in Ottawa. Now retired from a career in post-secondary education, she is on the Leadership Team of the Grandmothers Advocacy Network (GRAN). One of her most memorable times was travelling to Kenya and Uganda in January 2011 doing volunteer work with GIVE International. In this episode, Hilary shares information about 16 Days of Activism to end #GBV. Continue reading

We Need to Talk About Financial Abuse

As I was sitting in the doctor’s office, scratching the acne scars on my face, a woman sat next to me. She took out a brand new makeup kit and started redoing her makeup. A weird thought came to my mind. When was the last time I bought new makeup for myself? I had probably been using the same products for the last 10 years, likely explaining my acne problem. I went home and emptied my makeup drawer. I threw out everything that had expired, took a picture, and sent it to a close friend. The next day I went out and bought some new makeup. I can do that now—I can spend on myself because I’m not living with him anymore. Continue reading

An interview with Tasha Hubbard #SixtiesScoop

Tasha Hubbard is a writer, filmmaker, and an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of English. She is from Peepeekisis First Nation in Treaty Four Territory and is the mother of a ten-year-old son. In this episode, Tasha talks about Indigenous Canadians, the #60sScoop and her film, Birth of a Family. Continue reading

An interview with Karen Scian and Che Marville #AllIn

Let's talk about women in politics. Thank you to our guests Karen Scian and Che Marville to sharing their experiences and advice on this topic! They are #AllIn! Continue reading

A Letter to My Ex-Husband

Dear Ex-Husband, I'm writing to you today to let you know that you've won. You've asserted the perfect amount of power and intimidation to remind me I have the option of walking away from our marriage with nothing. Guess what? You’re in luck. I have made my choice. Continue reading

Interview with Farheen Khan - Don't call Bill 62 feminism

Farheen Khan is the author of two books that focus on gender-based islamophobia, abuse, healing, and self-love. She is a motivational speaker and continues to speak and write for magazines and blog sites and appear in mainstream and ethnic media to speak about women's issues and Islamophobia among other topics.  Continue reading