An interview with Tasha Hubbard #SixtiesScoop

Tasha Hubbard is a writer, filmmaker, and an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of English. She is from Peepeekisis First Nation in Treaty Four Territory and is the mother of a ten-year-old son. Continue reading

Open Letter to the Law Society of Alberta

November 13, 2017 Law Society of AlbertaSuite 500919 11th Avenue SWCalgary, Alberta  T2R 1P3 Subject: Reinstatement of former Justice Robin Camp Continue reading

An interview with Karen Scian and Che Marville #AllIn

Let's talk about women in politics. Thank you to our guests Karen Scian and Che Marville to sharing their experiences and advice on this topic! They are #AllIn! Continue reading

A Letter to My Ex-Husband

Dear Ex-Husband, I'm writing to you today to let you know that you've won. You've asserted the perfect amount of power and intimidation to remind me I have the option of walking away from our marriage with nothing. Guess what? You’re in luck. I have made my choice. Continue reading

Interview with Farheen Khan - Don't call Bill 62 feminism

Farheen Khan is the author of two books that focus on gender-based islamophobia, abuse, healing, and self-love. She is a motivational speaker and continues to speak and write for magazines and blog sites and appear in mainstream and ethnic media to speak about women's issues and Islamophobia among other topics.  Continue reading

Don't Call Bill 62 Feminism

I moved to Canada when I was fifteen. Going from waking up every morning feeling homesick and claustrophobic to feeling like Canada is as "home" as it gets was a long journey. We brought six bars of soap with us from Pakistan. I'd close my eyes and smell that soap and sigh every morning for the first few weeks because it reminded me of home. With a family of six sharing one washroom we ran out of it very soon. I'm pretty sure I cried when we threw out the last mushy bit of it. Continue reading

An interview with Aimée Morrison #MeToo

Welcome to the Women’s March Canada podcast. Making the equality of women in Canada the new norm.  Continue reading

It's All Of Us

#MeToo Actually, it’s all of us. The number of women that are sexually assaulted, harassed and confined to the thought that they are secondary is huge. You may have seen this in the past few days, with millions of women using the hashtag #MeToo on social media to disclose that they have experienced the trauma of being sexually harassed or assaulted. Continue reading

Me, too.

How about this? Instead of "violence against women", we start calling it "male violence"? Let's stop asking women to think about their clothes, words, actions. How about just stop harassing, catcalling, ass-slapping, hepeating, mansplaining, manspreading, intimidating, assaulting, raping? Continue reading

Dove, You Did More Than Miss the Mark

Good companies learn from their previous public relations disasters. But this isn’t the case for Dove. In case you missed the social media outcry, Dove recently posted a still from an advertisement for body wash that appeared to show a black woman removing her shirt and becoming a white woman. Continue reading