Women's March Canada Team



Michelle Brewer, Executive Director

A feminist scholar and activist, Michelle Brewer marched in the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017 and was a key organizer of the sister Women's March rally that was in Edmonton, Alberta.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta with a major in Philosophy and minor in Psychology and a Master of Philosophy (summa cum laude) at Trinity College Dublin’s Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies. Michelle is a counsellor, philosopher, professor and a Ph.D. candidate at Universität-Potsdam in Berlin, Germany. As a Métis converted Jew and philosopher, Michelle has a wide knowledge and respect of different faith beliefs or non-beliefs.



Sara Bingham, Executive Director

Sara Bingham, based out of Waterloo, Ontario, got on a bus and marched in the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017. She is a biracial woman who grew up in northern Ontario and holds a Bachelor of Arts (psychology) from Carleton University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (linguistics) from the University of Ottawa. Sara is a mother, therapist, entrepreneur, author and now activist.

Sara has called herself a feminist her entire life and found her place in the social justice world while studying psychology at Carleton University. One, let's call it "enlightening", semester of courses at Carleton included: psychology of women, women in modern christian traditions and psychology of black women. Sara has been a chapter leader for Lean In since 2015 and a chapter leader for Hacking Health since 2016.



Amanda Best, Digital Content Manager

Amanda Best lives in Waterloo, Ontario where she works as the content manager at a tech company. She holds a Bachelor of Communication Studies (journalism) from New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology, and has focused on online content and search engine optimization for most of her career.

She values open mindedness and empathy, is passionate about being an ethical consumer and working to reduce her environmental impact, and is striving to make her feminism more intersectional. When she’s not daydreaming about a world without the patriarchy, Amanda loves to travel, crochet and drink tea — often all at once.


Our Board of Directors



Kristy O'Leary (Vancouver, British Columbia)

I began my career as a US foreign policy wonk, worked in advertising and now assess and communicate social impact for systems change corporations. I want to create gritty propaganda to support the resistance. I know how to build campaigns that fight corporate monsters - those skills and experience lend themselves well to the fight ahead.


Srosh Hassan (Edmonton, Alberta)

I want to be involved with the Women's March Canada team because I am very passionate about the rights and liberties of women in my country, Canada. As an immigrant, and a Muslim woman of colour, I have come to recognize the way Canada grants rights not afforded to others, but still, acknowledge the way our activism has to be as inclusive and as intersectional as the Canadians we serve to advocate for. I feel like I have a lot to offer. I am outspoken, compassionate, and ambitious in my goal of bettering every situation I can. I am eager to learn from new experiences and consider myself grateful to have opportunities to connect with the stories of other talented courageous women and gender non-conforming individuals.


Siobhan Chinnery (Calgary, Alberta)

I have always been passionate about diversity and women's issues and I am particularly motivated in face of the rising voices of intolerance. I really hope that what is happening in the USA does not happen here and hope is not good enough so I would like to be part of the solution.


Catherine Butler (Ottawa, Ontario)

As an organizer of the Women's March in Ottawa in 2016, I am a nurse, a mom, an activist and revolutionary at heart. Women and men marched in Ottawa, and around the world, to raise awareness for human rights and that we have to be proactive in our own country. The US election showed that a country can always be one election away from a drastic shift.


Mary Oko (Toronto, Ontario)

My involvement in Women's March Canada comes from a drive to help in speaking out, promoting and highlighting the value and incredible talent of women and those who do not have a voice within our communities. We can achieve more with a diverse and inclusive group of people.


Sarah Jama (Hamilton, Ontario)

I am a community organizer proudly from Hamilton Ontario and hold a Social Sciences degree from McMaster University. My interests include but are not limited to, critical disability theory, critical race theory, social justice organizing, intersectionality, and activism. I have organized a number of events in Hamilton in relation to racism, such as the Rise Up: Rally against Police Brutality, and Hamilton’s first and largely successful Anti-Racism Action Initiative.


Laura Mae Lindo (Kitchener, Ontario)

I believe in getting involved - especially as a Black woman who is dedicated to ensuring that we use an intersectional lens throughout any women's movements. Our goals must be developed collectively - in collaboration with other diverse women. I would hope to see sustained attention to this work and goal setting so that we can truly celebrate our milestones along the way!


Melissa Durrell (Waterloo, Ontario)

I'm an insatiably curious news junkie, feminist, civic leader, and political wonk. As one of Canada’s few female pitch coaches, I am known for my own unique storytelling skills; honed at my former career as an award-winning broadcast journalist. I’m glad we’re having the conversation now. It's time to tell Canadian women's stories - to actually look around, say what’s going on and make change happen.