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Women's March Canada from a March to a Movement!


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    Women's March Canada is working to move from a march to a movement. 

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    Rally for Sex Ed - Barrie

    When: Friday, July 20, 2018 at 07:00 PM
    Where: Meridian Place Barrie in Barrie, ON, Canada

    As hundreds of thousands of elementary school and high school students near back to school time, we want to ensure that they and all future students can be guaranteed that the 2015 Health and Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum will continue to be taught. We demand that the Government of Ontario, now led by Premier Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs, uphold this curriculum and stand up for students’ education. We also urge all local MPPs to support the curriculum.

    This curriculum is ensuring that young people get the information they need to navigate today’s world. Teaching them about consent and healthy relationships, about their bodies, and about sex and sexual health. Furthermore, it moves towards affirming LGBTQ2+ youth and addressing issues of the Internet age. No student deserves to be left behind. They deserve to have the facts and they should be given to them in a way that is as safe, factual and affirming as possible. 

    We can’t afford to go back, not when so many students are benefiting from this much-needed curriculum. 

    It’s not radical, it’s just catching up.

    We hope to get educators, parents, activists, and youth to talk about the need for a comprehensive HPE curriculum. There will also be an open forum available for people to voice their support.

    Shelly Skinner - parent and advocate
    David Knott - advocate for community safety
    Jennifer Hare - teacher and President of OSSTF District 17 TBU

    More to be announced, along with some short bios! If you would like to speak, please contact Brandon Rhéal via Facebook or at

    This event is held on the land of the Anishinaabeg, in the Dish With One Spoon Wampum territory. 

    Facts, Resources, and Commentary

    Who's attending
    Patricia Smith Annie Parry

    March for Education: Save Sex Ed, Truth and Reconciliation

    When: Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 11:00 AM
    Where: Queen's Park in Toronto, ON, Canada

    In an effective backlash against the #MeToo and gay #Pride movements, Doug Ford today announced that he is trashing the updated, well-researched 2015 Sex Ed Curriculum and replace it with the previous 1998 curriculum. Ford also CANCELLED Plans to update the curriculum with Indigenous Content. This is an unprecedented assault on students' right to a fair and up to date education and is a deliberate insult to the LGBTQ+ and Indigenous communities of Ontario. 

    This decision effectively PREVENTS teachers from teaching about CONSENT, Online Bullying and Sexting, Same-Sex Marriage and Gender Identity. These are issues that can affect the LIFE AND DEATH of students across the province and need to be addressed. Instead, the old 1998 curriculum is older than any student that currently attends school in Ontario and existed well before the smartphone, personal laptop and internet age. 

    Doug Ford also plans to prevent Indigenous content from being written into the education curriculum. While the rest of Canada works towards truth and reconciliation to the right the wrongs of the past and education our children for the future, Doug frankly couldn't care less for our Indigenous people. 

    We must demand that the 2015 Sex Ed curriculum be restored and the curriculum be rewritten as previously planned to include Indigenous Content. We must stop the Ford government from trampling on the education of our students and insulting and degrading communities across the Province. Join us for a March for our Education on Saturday, July 21st on the lawn of Queen's Park at 11am to 3pm as we show Ford that his actions are unacceptable and make our voices heard

    Who's attending
    Shoshana Brohman Sharon Flynn Mary-K Dunn Jennifer Vaughn Ashley Ospina Warren Griffiths Amanda St. jean Dawna Coleman Courtney Toderash Zoe Crofts Lia Grimberg Emma Ivemey Maria Boivin Ramona Carmelly Billie Silvestri Hayley Rochwerg Benjamin S Saxon Slark Marina Hess Alexandra Fawcett Jessie Hunt Megan Rate Lori Hall Jo Booth Cathy Lloyd Dot Boyle