40 days of Choice KW

22157918_348419742272291_7264191815379582976_n.jpgWe are standing across from Freeport Hospital during the 40 Days for Life action (Sept 27 - Nov 5). The pro-life protestors sign up to be there in one-hour chunks, from 7am-7pm daily. We are trying to be there as much as we can during those hours, too.

We are there to show SUPPORT for choice. We are NOT there to engage, argue, or debate with those who are taking part in the anti-choice action. Those aren't the things that change minds, anyway.

Please remember to be kind.

Some things we ask:

  • Please try not to swear (at least within earshot of others) :)
  • If you smoke, please do so away from our signs and group
  • Keep hydrated
  • Stay safe

22157201_101267960630356_1689819242972577792_n.jpgThere will be extra signs, so you can just come. If you want to bring your own signs, here are some tips regarding what we have found that works best for the cars zooming by are:

  • PRO CHOICE is prominent on the sign 
  • Short and concise
  • Bright
  • We have found the foam board or a very thick Bristol board works great in the wind.
  • Big bold letters.
  • Bright and colourful is good to also differentiate our signs from the anti-choice ones.

Edited to add: Please also be aware there aren't really washroom facilities around, and the ground is quite uneven and not super accessible. There is a small shoulder on the road, but that's not super safe.

Will you come?

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