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  • commented on An Interview with Maryam Monsef #womeninpolitics 2018-04-17 16:30:48 -0400
    Maryam Monsef is indeed a well-spoken and intelligent role model. When I met her in Victoria BC as part of her earlier position with the country’s ERRE (Electoral Reform) consultations, I joined the vast majority in the room in hoping that the Prime Minister would keep his promise to replace our archaic First Past the Post voting, as was overwhelmingly promoted by live and written submissions to ERRE. It is a shame that the Prime Minister refused to acknowledge what ERRE revealed: PR is needed for true democracy. If Canada now had a Proportional Representation voting system, Minister Monsef’s statements in THIS interview would already be in process regarding the need for increased government participation by women, visible ethnic minorities, and other groups in our broad society. PR the world over delivers cooperative governance, as well, creating a better workplace, more acceptance of varied ideas, and more stability of policies, since a true majority of voters support each government. The typical FPTP “false majority” (40% of vote = 60% of seats = 100% of power) would be gone, in favour of proportional equality (30%=30%=30% etc.). Minister Monsef was tarnished in my opinion by her boss’s failing on this front, but herstory will watch for her growing influence in a more positive direction.