Families Belong Together Rally - London

Something needs to be done immediately about the abusive segregation of asylum seeking families and their children on the United States, Mexico border. It is a disgusting act that has no real value and needs to end immediately. Taking children away from their parents and placing them in such conditions is evil and wrong and needs to end. It is a human rights violation and the United States needs to be held accountable for its horrendous actions. 

I believe that the prime minister needs to do more to condemn Donald trumps policies. Canada needs to speak out and make a clear statement that such egregious human rights violations will not be tolerated. 

If you agree that families belong together and that this act of child abuse needs to end immediately come out and show your support and send a message to Justin Trudeau to put out a statement to the United States condemning what is going on. And protest on behalf of the children who don't have a voice in the eyes of the United States government. 

Show what it means to truly be human and show your compassion for all those who have clearly lost their humanity.

Please bring homemade signs!!!

*Note: Yes, children are welcome to this event.

If you'd like to volunteer to help with this event, please RSVP and then let us know you'd like to volunteer!

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