A day of Action - Stand with Donna

Join us as we stand with Donna in silent protest of Dr. Kunwar Singh continuing to practice after being convicted of 16 counts of sexual assault and indecent assault.

In Donna's words: "I conduct a quiet, information picket in front of Mr (he does not deserve the Dr. designation) Singh's office during the hours that he sees patient's to ensure no child is brought into the office without the adult in charge knowing the danger involved. I also want to ensure Mr. Singh knows I'm there so he does not attempt further harm to this community. That is my purpose and reason for the times I am there. I understand it is not a convenient time for protest but this is NOT about my convenience. I have dropped absolutely every other priority in my life to do this because every government, legal, and policing organization has failed to fulfill its role to keep this community safe from him. Good people have kept quiet. Innocent people have been hurt and silenced. This quiet little introvert has been pushed too far by the lack of competence and concern for the vulnerable in our community. I won't sit by quietly any longer. I will be in front of Mr. Singh's office every day until he is accountable."

It would be helpful if you could bring your own sign, but there will be a few available at the protest.

Will you come?

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