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  • signed Restore all provincial funding to Ontario College of Midwives 2018-12-18 10:04:02 -0500
    Both of my daughters were born with the help of midwives, my second daughter was born directly into my hands on our bed and they should not be made to suffer financially when they already save the government so much money from keeping pregnant women out of hospitals, if these people just stop delivering babies I wonder how long it would take for FAT BOY to realize how much they are needed.!!! Doug Ford is no different than Kathleen Wynne, meaning they are thieves and liars, hell awaits them both…!!!

    Restore all provincial funding to Ontario College of Midwives

    Another cut affecting primarily women.

    "Doug Ford's government has revoked current and future funding for the College of Midwives of Ontario, the regulatory body that oversees more than 900 midwives and has had government support for 25 years."

    In September 2018, the Ford government was told by the Tribunal to negotiate with midwives to end the pay equity gap. To date, the Ford Tories have refused to negotiate.

    The statement said the changes will have no impact on the public. "We cannot cut our services and programs, as the College's work is mandated by our governing legislation," it said.

    "It is likely that midwives will have to pay more to the College on an annual basis," the College added. "This is not news we wanted to share."

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    Whereas the College of Midwives is responsible for licensing and regulating the profession of midwifery; and the province of Ontario is responsible for funding medical care;

    We the undersigned, as constituents and residents of Ontario, demand Ontario restore funding to the Ontario College of Midwives immediately.

    Removing funding places the burden of financing the college on approximately 900 members whose fees are capped by the province.

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