#IWasCutToo Ban Circumcision And Sexual Assignments Of Minors In Canada.

Join us on Saturday, March 9th, 2019, for the International Women’s Day March in Toronto. The event starts at the OISE auditorium – 252 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON.
Rally: 11 a.m.
March: 1 p.m.

In Canada, when males and the intersex are born- they are often not given a choice as to what their bodies should look like.
At the age of 18, all Canadians should be able to make an informed adult decision for themselves. Currently in Canada, healthy minors are being circumcised. As well, intersex minors are being assigned genders as children- whom in the future may identify or wish to identify outside their inflicted assignments.
The allowances of these heinous acts are based on religious and preferential attitudes of parents-which are bias and not above Canadian Rule of Law, or the fundamental rights of The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. 
#IWasCutToo and Women’s March Canada stand for equally and for the rights of choice. #IWasCutToo is currently in the process of challenging the government.

In 1997, religious and cultural genital cutting was banned in Canada for females only.  Despite laws, female genital cutting continues underground in Canada.
Help support the rights of choice and equality in Canada; and help ban routine circumcision of all healthy males, and sexual assignment surgeries of all intersex minors.
Many Canadians are victims of genital cutting, and together we can make a difference and help give the right of choice to all.   Help usher in a protection system for all minors.

#IWasCutToo, #WomensMarchCanada, #MeToo, #SecularPartyOfCanada, #StephenPerinSecularDirector, #PolyPolyPolyamorous, #Pride, #BlackLivesMatter, #AntifaCanada, #IdleNoMore, #EndZoosInCanada.

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