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Action towards Ending Gender Based Violence

I want to start with a disclaimer, this petition was started by the former MP for Nanaimo.  Unfortunately, the petition then became defunct, because the MP stood down.  I had been invited to find a way to promote the petition and that is how you have come to make a difference in someone’s life (because you are going to sign it aren’t you?). 

Please sign and share this petition today.

There are so many ways to make a difference in this world and so many changes that need to be made that often we forget what is going right out there. It is right that women in abusive domestic situations can have a safe transitional place, in a shelter to feel safe.  It is right that trans women and men have a support structure that they can call upon without a second thought. It is right that those who have faced rape and sexual assault across the country have access to support services. So why does the real picture look so different?  How do we make it easier for organisations with the skill and expertise to provide for those in need?

When I think about the things that women are facing across the country each and every day, I wonder if my own daughter will ever encounter such harm. Or myself. What if my own ability to stand up for myself were obstructed by a postcode lottery?  If I had the words and the need but not the opportunities or the services. I think that I would feel utterly forgotten and let down.  Isolated and in despair. My needs would become more and more complex and unravel.

So if we know that this is happening and we know how to change it, then well, let’s change things!  Funding comes first, the ideas are there, the knowledge base and the expertise exist, however, the funding is the key to empowering feminist organizations. This petition asks for life-saving changes. You have the chance to create change by signing here.

Please sign and share this petition today.

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