An Interview with Hillary Elliot #16days #EndVAW

Today's interview with Hilary Elliott of Grandmothers Advocacy Network (GRAN) in Ottawa. Now retired from a career in post-secondary education, she is on the Leadership Team of the Grandmothers Advocacy Network (GRAN). One of her most memorable times was traveling to Kenya and Uganda in January 2011 doing volunteer work with GIVE International.

In this episode, Hilary shares information about 16 Days of Activism to end #GBV.

Every woman has the need and right to feel physically secure, and security for women should be assured through sound legal practices. Women’s March Canada stands behind the principle that women are not to be held accountable for actions that are outside their control — particularly regarding all forms of assault — and that fair legal action must be applied to prevent these crimes.”

The Grandmothers Advocacy Network (GRAN) is a network of volunteers advocating to improve the lives of sub-Saharan grandmothers, vulnerable children & youth.

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