An interview with Karen Scian and Che Marville #AllIn

Let's talk about women in politics. Thank you to our guests Karen Scian and Che Marville to sharing their experiences and advice on this topic! They are #AllIn!

Karen Scian is the co-founder of the Talent Business Solutions, an educator, and a recovering city councillor. She is also chair of the Waterloo Public Library Board.

Che Marville is a writer, meditation teacher and vice president of Life Enrichment at Origin Active Lifestyle.

The Transcript


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  • commented 2017-11-07 18:14:44 -0500
    I think this discussion made an interesting point with regards to “what will be the catalyst for Canada in terms of women’s rights?” In the United States, there is a direct threat to women’s rights in terms of access to birth control, abortion, etc. In Canada, we still struggle with disparities in wealth, poverty, education among different racial and gender groups. It may not be headline news, but there are still barriers many groups come across. So what will be the tipping point where more women will advocate for equality for all? If we don’t have it at home, how can we expect to enact change world wide for all women?