Beisan Zubi, Waterloo Regional Councilor Candidate

Beisan Zubi brings a wealth of experience to the position of Regional Councillor including working on Parliament Hill in research and media capacities, and at two of Waterloo Region’s most innovative workplaces, CIGI and Communitech.


beisan-zubi-womensmarchcanada-socialmedia.pngWhy did you decide to run?

To give people the opportunity to vote for a modern candidate that can promise innovative and inclusive policymaking. It’ll be a really transformative four years for Waterloo Region and we need to make sure we progress in a way that lifts everyone up.

What is your favourite thing to do in your community?

Meet people, go for walks and bike rides, shop all the great local products, and go out for dinner and drinks.

Tell us about the greatest challenges your community faces?

We have a few. We need to get the LRT right and get all day two way Go Trains. We also need to be better about accessibility with things like sidewalk snow clearing. And I think tech’s growth is an opportunity to lift up everyone-- let's not repeat the same mistakes from Silicon Valley!

What would you do to improve women's health in your community?

By affirming and protecting their rights to reproductive choice, mental health services, crisis services, maternal health resources, and making sure all women, regardless of age, race, class, religion or language skills have equal access to services.

What would you do to improve women's economic security in your community?

I would put an emphasis on access to reliable and affordable childcare in the Region, as well as supporting female entrepreneurs and workers.

What would you do to improve women's safety in your community?

I would look at issues both associated with women and those not. Obviously, support for those escaping domestic violence and gendered violence needs to improved, and it's not as big a problem here as I've experienced in other cities, but catcalling and street harassment needs a zero-tolerance approach. But we need to look at all the ways women are unsafe; for example, our region needs a compassionate and harm-preventing approach to the opioid crisis, safe and accessible methods of transportation that include better-lit sidewalks at night and better sidewalk accessibility for the elderly.



So many ways! You can donate some money (anything helps!), help us put up signs and hand out flyers, contribute your professional talent or services, or even just introduce me to your friends/ clubs/ colleagues/ grandma’s bridge club.

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