Blankets For Tina (And All MMIP)

We will be joining others across Turtle Island in the coming days remembering Tina Fontaine, in ways requested. 

Justice was denied Tina long before the court decision on February 22 2018, as it has been and us denied to so many of our people. A denial of justice that inhibits and often ends our lives. 

On Monday at 5:30pm we will meet in Doug Fluhrer Park and hold a circle (in a simple bit respectful way given that its public) for Tina Fontaine, all Missing and Murdered Indigenous People, and for all of us Indigenous people facing our collective denial of justice everyday. 

We ask people to bring a blanket wrapped around themselves as this is so much a part of many of our teachings especially in healing and bonding. We also ask everyone to bring a jar or bottle of water. Tobacco will be provided. Feminine people's may wish to wear a skirt.

For more information see event information on Facebook

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