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An interview with Sarah Molyneaux #sexualharrassment

Thank you to Sarah Molyneaux for speaking with us today. Sarah Molyneaux practices labour law, employment law and human rights law with a focus on obtaining justice and dignity for workers.  Continue reading

Self-Defense and Combat Sports for Confidence

Growing up as an athlete, I always believed any frustration could be worked through with sports or physical activity. But when I started to experience big waves of anxiety and panic, it left me vulnerable and not ambitious. I completely forgot the physical ‘language’ I used to speak fluently. Continue reading

An interview with Samantha Montpetit-Huynh #postpartum

Very grateful for the Samantha Montpetit-Huynh for sharing her experience and knowledge about new moms, post-partum health and fitness. Sam is the founder of Sam Core Trainer and has worked in the field of health and fitness for new moms for over 16 years. Continue reading

An interview with Amina Gilani #womeninbiz

Thank you to our guest Amina Gilani for talking with us today! Amina is a co-founder of Sociavore, a digital platform for restaurants, and loves local economic development and cool streetscapes. She is proud to be part of the Kitchener, Ontario story, and is a mama and an amateur cook. Continue reading

An Interview with Karen Lau #womenintech

Thank you to our guest Karen Lau, co-founder and CTO of Furnishr, for sharing your story. Starting her career in computer science, Karen decided to follow her passion for interior design before founding Furnishr. Furnishr: curated furniture all set up for you in one day. Continue reading

An interview with Lauren Smith #cleantech

Thank you to Lauren Smith, founder of PolyGone Technologies, for sharing your story with us. PolyGone Technologies is developing innovative methods to capture microfibres within the washing machine and beyond - saving you from eating your dirty laundry. Continue reading

An interview with Dana Rourke #womeninbiz

Thank you for Dana Rourke for joining us today! Dana Rourke is the founder of Reclaiming the Wild and has trained as a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, and Body Trust® Provider. Dana encourages you to embrace all of yourself unapologetically and allow pleasure, connection and meaning to inspire change and wholeness. Continue reading

When Harassment is Closer to Home

By Kelly Swartz For the past year, I have watched the #MeToo movement get stronger and angrier. I have been part of it because of the simple fact that I was born a woman. I have gone back in time to identify the acts of assault and harassment I have been the victim of, counted and recounted them, de-normalized them. Continue reading

An Interview with Stephanie Colangeli #PinUpGirl

A big thank you to Stephanie Colangeli for joining us. Stephanie is the founder of Pin-Up-Girl, an international movement for women’s safety. The idea behind Pin-Up-Girl pins is modelled after the child safety organization, Block Parent.  Continue reading

A Feminist Perspective on the Fight for $15

“Wow!” our daughter said, pointing to the orange on the laptop screen. “The NDP just won!” My husband sighed, scrolling to the real results. Blue all the way. “What do we do now?” our daughter groaned. It was our last morning in Barcelona and checking news updates on the Ontario election was the last thing we did before the final pack and heading to the airport. Continue reading