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To March, or not to March

I saw an article yesterday with the headline “Don’t join this year’s Women’s March unless you’re good with anti-Semitism.” I support the self-determination of every woman to weigh in and decide whether the Women’s March is right for them, including the vibrant conversation about the place of Jews in this project. Continue reading

Abortion 101 for Trolls

The following may or may not make sense as a beautifully written essay but I've thrown these paragraphs here for easy access for the arguments that individuals, let's call them trolls, who try to engage us with online. I'm sort of getting tired of trying to educate and reply to their "yeah but..." methods of argument. Am sort of wishing I had kept my textbook from my Logic 101 philosophy course in university. So if you see a pro-life troll on the internet, please just direct them to this post. Continue reading

We dont need to just survive anymore...

Swipe Wrong- a thought on how women represent themselves as leaders in N.A. There is a current female comedian who we shall call “Sally” from now on who is one of my favorite TV personalities, she’s made me laugh in the worst of times and cry in the best of times. Through bullying, breaks ups, medical procedures and losing loved ones Sally was always there to shine a funny light on just about everything from trivial plights like how toilet paper is administered onto the dispenser to navigating the human ego. Continue reading

Re-framing Experience with #metoo: Many Voices Add to Our Strength

One of the most important and controversial aspects of the #metoo movement is centered around women’s experiences of consent – or lack thereof - sex within the context of a date. These situations have been perceived, by some, as a grey area of the #metoo movement. Continue reading

Dear Pope, Please shut up. The Women and Children Need Respite From the Patriarchy

The Pope compared the act of abortion to hiring a hit-man and of course, it makes international headlines. I didn’t need a fight for abortion rights this soon, I am still recovering from the Kavanaugh hangover. Continue reading

How Change Happens

Let's talk about the use of power and where power comes from...how it starts. It starts with recognizing the power you have within. It's the moment when we see we have rights and that we have a voice to use speak up for those rights. We need to strategically use our voices. Continue reading

An interview with Sarah Molyneaux #sexualharrassment

Thank you to Sarah Molyneaux for speaking with us today. Sarah Molyneaux practices labour law, employment law and human rights law with a focus on obtaining justice and dignity for workers.  Continue reading

Self-Defense and Combat Sports for Confidence

Growing up as an athlete, I always believed any frustration could be worked through with sports or physical activity. But when I started to experience big waves of anxiety and panic, it left me vulnerable and not ambitious. I completely forgot the physical ‘language’ I used to speak fluently. Continue reading

An interview with Samantha Montpetit-Huynh #postpartum

Very grateful for the Samantha Montpetit-Huynh for sharing her experience and knowledge about new moms, post-partum health and fitness. Sam is the founder of Sam Core Trainer and has worked in the field of health and fitness for new moms for over 16 years. Continue reading

An interview with Amina Gilani #womeninbiz

Thank you to our guest Amina Gilani for talking with us today! Amina is a co-founder of Sociavore, a digital platform for restaurants, and loves local economic development and cool streetscapes. She is proud to be part of the Kitchener, Ontario story, and is a mama and an amateur cook. Continue reading