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Re-framing Experience with #metoo: Many Voices Add to Our Strength

One of the most important and controversial aspects of the #metoo movement is centered around women’s experiences of consent – or lack thereof - sex within the context of a date. These situations have been perceived, by some, as a grey area of the #metoo movement. Continue reading

An Interview with Shannon Skinner

In this episode of our Inspiring Women podcast, we welcome Shannon Skinner, an award-winning broadcaster, speaker, author and travel journalist. Shannon is the host/creator of http://ExtraordinaryWomenTV.com, a television and online show for women about getting our dreams into action – and living extraordinary lives.  Continue reading

Dear Pope, Please shut up. The Women and Children Need Respite From the Patriarchy

The Pope compared the act of abortion to hiring a hit-man and of course, it makes international headlines. I didn’t need a fight for abortion rights this soon, I am still recovering from the Kavanaugh hangover. Continue reading

An Interview with Martha van Berkel #SEO

In this episode of our Inspiring Women podcast, we welcome Martha van Berkel, the co-founder of Schema App. Schema App helps digital marketers embrace the SEO strategy called Schema Markup, while wow'ing their team and customers with data they can make decisions with. Continue reading

How Change Happens

Let's talk about the use of power and where power comes from...how it starts. It starts with recognizing the power you have within. It's the moment when we see we have rights and that we have a voice to use speak up for those rights. We need to strategically use our voices. Continue reading

An Interview with Tanya Hayles #BlackMoms

So excited to talk with Tanya Hayes, founder of Black Moms Connection. What started with 20 mothers in the Greater Toronto Area, has grown to over 10,000 members worldwide, with mothers as far as Japan, Kenya and the Caribbean. Every day, Black women from all walks of life and each corner of the globe, share, network and connect. Continue reading

An Interview with Sarah Leamon

Thank you to Sarah Leamon, criminal defence lawyer, for joining us for this episode of our podcast. Vancouver criminal lawyer Sarah Leamon is a practicing lawyer in British Columbia and Alberta. She is a member of both the Law Society of British Columbia and the Law Society of Alberta. In addition to her work in Vancouver and the B.C. Lower Mainland, Sarah has also dealt with criminal cases in Alberta. Continue reading

An Interview with Karen Lamont #womeninbiz

Welcoming Karen Lamont to our podcast! Karen is a mom, jewellery designer and founder of Citrus Silver. Citrus Silver creates sterling silver jewellery that is stamped with precious names, unforgettable dates and meaningful words that make you Crazy proud. Continue reading

An interview with Kim West #womenentrepreneur

Thank you to Kim West for speaking with us today. Kim West is the founder of KIDS SWAG, a Canadian retailer of children products that promote self-love and diversity. The focus of KIDS SWAG is everyday lifestyle items while inspiring confidence through representation clothing and toys from around the world with positive black imagery. Continue reading

An Interview with Latanya Farquharson

Welcoming Latanya Farquharson to our podcast! Latanya is a busy legal professional working in the hustle and bustle financial district in downtown Toronto and is also the founder of Elegantly Angeleta, a stationery design company. Continue reading