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When Harassment is Closer to Home

By Kelly Swartz For the past year, I have watched the #MeToo movement get stronger and angrier. I have been part of it because of the simple fact that I was born a woman. I have gone back in time to identify the acts of assault and harassment I have been the victim of, counted and recounted them, de-normalized them. Continue reading

An Interview with Stephanie Colangeli #PinUpGirl

A big thank you to Stephanie Colangeli for joining us. Stephanie is the founder of Pin-Up-Girl, an international movement for women’s safety. The idea behind Pin-Up-Girl pins is modelled after the child safety organization, Block Parent.  Continue reading

A Feminist Perspective on the Fight for $15

“Wow!” our daughter said, pointing to the orange on the laptop screen. “The NDP just won!” My husband sighed, scrolling to the real results. Blue all the way. “What do we do now?” our daughter groaned. It was our last morning in Barcelona and checking news updates on the Ontario election was the last thing we did before the final pack and heading to the airport. Continue reading

An Interview with Kelly Swartz #letstalkaboutsex

Thank you to our guest today, Kelly Swartz. Kelly is an erotic expert and health coach. Through erotic self-awakening, Kelly empowers her clients to improve their relationships and claim their sexuality. Continue reading

An interview with Ritika Dutt #MeToo #AI

Thank you to our guest, Ritika Dutt, a McGill University graduate who is the co-founder of Botler AI, an app to help victims report and cross-reference their stories of harassment with approximately 300,000 criminal court cases to determine which law has been violated.  Continue reading

An interview with Ann Douglas #parenting

Thank you to Ann Douglas for joining us today! Ann Douglas is the author of numerous bestselling books about pregnancy and parenting, including The Mother of All Pregnancy Books.  Continue reading

An Interview with Selam Debs #womeninbiz

Thank you to our guest Selam Debs who is the owner and director of Community of Hearts Yoga. Selam is also the Creator and Founder of SelamLoveWellness with Yoga Alliance Certification providing Ashtanga-Inspired Yoga through the art of Vinyasa. Continue reading

An interview with Federica Foglia #immigration

Welcome and thank you, Federica Foglia, for speaking to us today about immigration and your work in film. Federica Foglia is an Italian award-winning writer, cinematographer and director. She shares her work as a filmmaker and some of her experiences as an immigrant.  Continue reading

An Interview with Dana Bookman #girlsinsport

Thank you to Dana Bookman for joining us for this discussion about girls' baseball, girls in sports and Toronto girls baseball. Dana Bookman is the founder and CEO of Toronto Girls Baseball and the Canadian Women’s Baseball Association. She started Toronto Girls Baseball for her six year old daughter, who loves the game but wanted to quit after a season of being the only female player in a league made up of 400 boys. Continue reading

An interview with Lindsay Forsey #postpartumcare

Thank you to Lindsay Forsey for joining us today to talk about women's health, specifically postpartum wellness and pushing for a change in the way we think about new mother care. Continue reading