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An Interview with Caroline Codsi #womeninleadership

Thank you to our guest Caroline Codsi. Caroline Codsi is the head behind Women in Governance, also known as La Gouvernance au Feminin, a non-for-profit organization that supports women in their leadership development, career enhancement and access to board seats.  Continue reading

An interview with Valerie Blackmore #metoo #unfounded

Thank you to our guest Valerie Blackmore founder of Wyndham Forensic Group. She holds a M.Sc. in Molecular Biology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and an Hons. B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Guelph. Continue reading

No Boys Allowed! Women-Only Spaces and Anti-Discrimination Law

Women have been carving out spaces for themselves for centuries. Sometimes, this means taking a spot where our participation has previously been denied, from parliament and the judiciary to social clubs and sports. Other times, it means making a space just for us. Continue reading

An Interview with Bhutila Karpoche #WomeninPolitics #ParkHP

Thank you to our guest Bhutila Karpoche, is excited to be the Ontario NDP candidate for my community of Parkdale–High Park. Bhutila holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Toronto and lives in High Park with her husband and daughter. Bhutila is a respected advocate for public health, affordable housing, and fair wages and benefits. Continue reading

The Scary Truth About Women's Heart Health

Two winters ago I tromped up and down the streets of my neighbourhood in minus-fifteen weather wearing my red volunteers’ Heart & Stroke Foundation tuque and endured slammed doors, blank stares and mumbled, “No thanks.”  Continue reading

An Interview with Marjorie Knight #womeninpolitics

Thank you to our guest Marjorie-Ann Knight today...we met her on a bus to Washington in January 2017! Marjorie was born in Montreal, raised in the West Indies, Marjorie has lived in Cambridge since 2001. Marjorie was an Cambridge Provincial NDP Candidate in the Ontario 2018 provincial election. Continue reading

The Struggle of a Working Mother

I was offered a job recently. I wasn’t looking for a new job but it came to me and I was willing to investigate it. It sounded amazing. It was a great opportunity for me to grow and gain new skills. The company is well known and progressive. Continue reading

An Interview with Lauren Weinberg #womeninbiz

Thank you to our guest Lauren Weinberg, the owner of Open Sesame, a shop-gallery-community creative space nestled in front of Kitchener City Hall, that promotes contemporary, even avant-garde culture in Waterloo Region, and provides a meeting place for people who care about the arts. Continue reading

I Do Not Belong in the Kitchen

While men continue to define the cosmos and attain positions that place them at the top of the pyramid, a woman’s job is to still bind the wounds, stir the soup, and bear the children because to some, women are incompetent for any job other than caring for their families. Continue reading

An Interview with Rachel Ettinger #WomensHealth

Thank you to our guest Rachel Ettinger, founder and creator of Here For Her, A social enterprise that aims to reduce the awkwardness around vaginas and periods with open conversations about women's health! A percentage of profits donated BACK to women's health initiatives. Continue reading