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An Interview with Lauren Weinberg #womeninbiz

Thank you to our guest Lauren Weinberg, the owner of Open Sesame, a shop-gallery-community creative space nestled in front of Kitchener City Hall, that promotes contemporary, even avant-garde culture in Waterloo Region, and provides a meeting place for people who care about the arts. Continue reading

I Do Not Belong in the Kitchen

While men continue to define the cosmos and attain positions that place them at the top of the pyramid, a woman’s job is to still bind the wounds, stir the soup, and bear the children because to some, women are incompetent for any job other than caring for their families. Continue reading

An Interview with Rachel Ettinger #WomensHealth

Thank you to our guest Rachel Ettinger, founder and creator of Here For Her, A social enterprise that aims to reduce the awkwardness around vaginas and periods with open conversations about women's health! A percentage of profits donated BACK to women's health initiatives. Continue reading

Hey Mom, You're Fired!

In 1979 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that pregnancy discrimination was not gender discrimination. It took a decade for the Court to correct this position. Continue reading

An Interview with Niki Lundquist #WomeninPolitics

Thank you to our guest, Niki Lundquist. Niki is a labour and human rights lawyer for Unifor in Ontario. She was an MPP candidate for the Ontario New Democratic Party in the 2016 by-election for Whitby-Oshawa to replace departing MPP Christine Elliott. Continue reading

Are We Forcing Older Feminists into Retirement?

Arriving at the Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls this past January for a self-imposed writing retreat, I assumed I’d be among legions of women hungry for peace and quiet, unstructured time to recharge and remember who we were minus partners, kids, jobs and laundry. Continue reading

An Interview with Monika Jaroszonek #FierceFounders

Thank you to our guest Monika Jaroszonek, CEO + Co-founder at RATIO.CITY for joining us! Monika was awarded $100,000 at the Communitech Fierce Founders Bootcamp Pitch Competition. Continue reading

An Interview with Maryam Monsef #womeninpolitics

Thank you to the Honourable Maryam Monsef for joining us today! Maryam Monsef, PC MP is an Afghan Canadian politician. She was elected to represent the riding of Peterborough—Kawartha as a Liberal member the House of Commons of Canada in 2015. Continue reading

An Interview with Paulina Cameron #WomenRAISE

Thank you to our guest Paulina Cameron, a professor, feminist and a mom. Paulina is the author of "Canada 150 Women" and is the Regional Director for BC, Alberta and Yukon for futurpreneur. Continue reading

Statement from Women's March Canada

We at Women's March Canada deeply condemn statements from any persons that seek to divide with hatred or discrimination, including Louis Farrakhan, who has no association with Women's March Canada, or our team. We cannot and will not allow anti-semitic, homophobic, transphobic or misogynistic language to be a part of our dialogue. Continue reading