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An Interview with Cassie Myers #womeninbiz

Thank you to our guest Cassie Myers, co-founder of SheLeads. Cassie, is a creator and innovator passionate about applying technology to solve complex social issues. Currently completing degree in Conflict Studies and Business at the University of Waterloo. Dedicated to inspiring the next generation of female leaders.  Continue reading

Is Pornography Sexual Violence Against Women?

As an educator in creativity and visual culture, I introduce my students to strategies through which to analyse visual material. We discuss the commodification and sexualisation of women in advertising, the male gaze, beauty culture, and the many ways consumerism attempts to convince women we are somehow inadequate for the world we live in. Continue reading

An interview with Gillian Smith #WomeninPolitics

This episode's guest is Gillian Smith. Gillian is recognized as a transformational leader across the not-for-profit, private and public sectors. She is currently pursuing elected office as the candidate for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario in the Toronto riding of University-Rosedale. Continue reading

From March to Political Office

In mid-November of last year, my two youngest boys and I were driving home for lunch when we came to a stop at a major intersection here in Woodstock, Ontario. On the corner was a young man holding a large sign that had a picture of a bloody dead fetus. This was something I had never seen before, or that my three-year-old son had never seen before.  Continue reading

Ottawa Women’s March Organizers Discuss #MeToo

Catherine Butler and Amanda Carver, two of the Ottawa Women’s March organizers, spoke to CBC ahead of the 2018 march. “Canada has its own issues,” Ms. Butler said. “There’s a lot happening in the States but this march is very much Canadian, and we have our own issues here at home to face and deal with.” Continue reading

An Interview with Kristy O'Leary #BCorps

Thank you to our guest Kristy O'Leary, Director of Impact at Cove Continuity Advisors Inc and member of the Board of Directors for Women's March Canada. Kristy is a multidisciplinary systems thinker with an innate ability to identify leading-edge entrepreneurs and align them with untapped opportunities to drive breakthrough change. Continue reading

You Are More Than Your Body

My body, like all women’s bodies, has always been up for discussion. When I was a child, people were always commenting on my size. I wasn't short for my age, but every chart labeled me underweight. At school kids called me 'toothpick' and made fun of my bony elbows and knees. My parents told how me they used to be little just like me, and relatives made jokes like, She has to run around in the shower to get wet...ha-ha! Continue reading

An interview with Sara Bingham #womensmarch

Thank you for Sara Bingham for joining us for this episode of our podcast. Sara Bingham, one of Women's March Canada's Executive Directors. She got on a bus and marched in the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017. Continue reading

An interview with Tracey Erin Smith #womenintheatre #genderequity

Thank you for Tracey Erin Smith for joining us for this episode of our podcast. Along with leading a bus filled with women to Washington, DC on January 20, 2017, Tracey has joined us today to talk about women in theatre, giving back and gender equity. Continue reading

An interview with Claudia Chender, MLA

Thank you for Claudia Chender for joining us for this episode of our podcast. Claudia Chender is the MLA for Dartmouth South and NDP Critic for Education, Justice, Human Rights and Business. Claudia joins us to talk about women in politics. Continue reading