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It's All Of Us

#MeToo. Actually, it’s all of us. The number of women that are sexually assaulted, harassed and confined to the thought that they are secondary is huge. You may have seen this in the past few days, with millions of women using the hashtag #MeToo on social media to disclose that they have experienced the trauma of being sexually harassed or assaulted. Continue reading

Me, too.

How about this? Instead of "violence against women", we start calling it "male violence"? Let's stop asking women to think about their clothes, words, actions. How about just stop harassing, catcalling, ass-slapping, hepeating, mansplaining, manspreading, intimidating, assaulting, raping? Continue reading

Dove, You Did More Than Miss the Mark

Good companies learn from their previous public relations disasters. But this isn’t the case for Dove. In case you missed the social media outcry, Dove recently posted a still from an advertisement for body wash that appeared to show a black woman removing her shirt and becoming a white woman. Continue reading

Intersectionality: From Theory to Experience

"The more I wonder, the more I love.” - Alice Walker The term "intersectionality" was first coined by Black American civil rights activist Kmberlé Williams Crenshaw, in order to describe the complex overlapping of social identities and how they intersect with systems that oppress, discriminate and dominate. Intersectionality is the idea that the whole deserves to be seen as a different entity than that of its parts. Continue reading

Raising My Voice

As a Canadian, nothing makes me prouder than to see our Prime Minister so actively involved in striving towards gender equality and addressing women’s rights issues. We are certainly fortunate to have him paving the way for our future generations to see women equal to their male counterparts. Continue reading

Starting With the Dishes

You know how it is with families. You have these little ways of doing things and because you don't know any different you think your little ways are normal. You may assume other people do things the same way. This is where you might be mistaken — some of our little ways seem downright peculiar to others. But some of our little ways may have some value.  Continue reading

We Need to Encourage Our Daughters in Sports

“I am not paying to watch girls play basketball.” She said it almost with a mocking tone, as though the idea anyone would pay to watch girls play basketball was ridiculous. She said it unapologetically, seemingly unaware of how damaging her statement was. Continue reading

What Canadians Can Do After Charlottesville

You might feel helpless right now, but you don’t have to. You can make a difference. The “Unite the Right” rally descended on Charlottesville, Virginia to spread their message of hate, racism and anti-Semitism. A counter-protest was held. A driver drove into a crowd and killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injured at least 19 others. Solidarity protests and vigils have been taking place all over the United States, and several have begun popping up all over Canada, as well. Continue reading

Life Outside That Box

Today is an important day for me. It has been a year since I decided to leave my marriage of ten years. I decided to leave twice earlier, but I was reminded again and again that I was a woman, I needed him to protect me and to provide for my children. This last year, I learnt that I am so much stronger than I ever thought. I unleashed my power as a mother, as a woman and more importantly I reminded myself, I am a human being. Continue reading

Letter Writing Campaigns: How To Make Change Happen

Our members of parliament, members of provincial parliament, and town/city councillors have a unique job requirement—they must cast a vote on issues that affect their constituents, and try to vote with that in mind. They're not mind-readers. They can only vote based on the information they have. This is why it's important that you contact your political representative to let them know how you feel about whatever is at stake. Continue reading