From a March to a Movement

With your help, we can make change happen

Thousands of Canadian women took to the streets in Washington, DC and in cities across Canada in January of 2017 to march in solidarity with those in the U.S. in the wake of Donald Drumpf's inauguration as U.S. president. 

In 2018, women and their allies were out in force again as 40 communities across Canada hosted marches, rallies and other events, representing a 20 percent increase from the number that took part in 2017.

Our mission is to inspire, unite and lead the charge for the advancement of women across Canada.

Today, we are moving from a march to a movement and we need your help in the development of the following programs: 

  • National Postpartum Support
  • Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs
  • Elect Pro-Choice Progressive Women
  • Male Allies Stopping Violence Against Women

If you are an activist, campaigner, development practitioner, lobbyist, entrepreneur, individual or an organization, Women's March Canada needs your help now. If you can give your time, please volunteer here

What Women's March Canada needs

Are you ready to donate? We are a very small nonprofit and we've estimated that $50,000 will get us started.

On July 1st 2018 we aim to announce that we are moving forward with programming to enhance women's health, economic security, representation and safety in Canada. Help us do that by pledging your financial support by June 29, 2018. Better yet...pledge your support today!


How much will you pledge to donate on 12:00 AM EDT on June 29 2018?

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