How Change Happens

Let's talk about the use of power and where power comes it starts. It starts with recognizing the power you have within. It's the moment when we see we have rights and that we have a voice to use speak up for those rights. We need to strategically use our voices.

It sounds obvious that we have voices and can speak up, but do we always have the courage to do so if we don't see examples of other women doing just that? Recognizing that women have voices that they are at times intimidated to use happened for me after leading a Lean In Circle for 4 years and then after attending the Women's March on Washington in 2017. The March visually showed, when women gather, there are a lot of us and that we can be heard. 

Yes, of course, I knew there are a lot of us in Washington that day (January 21, 2017) but coming back from Washington and seeing the photos and videos from where I was standing, and from other marches around the world, solidified that knowledge for me.

A Book about Change

I want to share information about a wonderful book with you called How Change Happens. The book is written by Duncan Green who I met last year on a Canada wide book tour put on by Oxfam Canada. That evening I also had the privilege of meeting Shirlee Pryce, formerly a domestic worker in Jamaica who now advocates for domestic workers’ rights across the Caribbean, and Julie Delahanty, the Executive Director of Oxfam Canada. You can download the book Duncan's book here for free (yes, free!):


Duncan spoke and writes about change happening through activism (this includes our Marches!), institutions (getting women into leadership roles in companies, in politics, etc) and systems. Have a look at this graphic that illustrates this idea in much great detail:

I want to learn more about making change happen...about policy, practice and norms. Can we learn from history? What kind of power is currently at work in our communities? Can it be redistributed? Trolls on the internet told me just today that all that we are working when it comes to Drumpf and Ford are going to be crushed. How will we know when change is happening? What feedback can we get? How do we correct course when it's needed. Let's do something. Let's learn what our next steps are. 

A Course about Change

We’re pleased to announce that there is now a free course on how change happens!

Make Change Happen has been made by Oxfam and the Open University. Registration is open, and it will go live on October 15, 2018. This course is aimed at activists and change agents with a personal or professional interest in how change happens, and who want to be more effective at delivering change for good.

Are you up to registering and learning to make change happen with me?

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