Me, too.

How about this?

Instead of "violence against women", we start calling it "male violence"?

Let's stop asking women to think about their clothes, words, actions. How about just stop harassing, catcalling, ass-slapping, hepeating, mansplaining, manspreading, intimidating, assaulting, raping?

Alyssa Milano's tweet about #metooInstead of #notallmen, how about those same men put their energy toward being part of the solution, instead of centering the conversation on themselves. I will seriously fucking scream if one more dude tells me how he doesn't understand why we are angry and hurt, and that it is "hard for everyone".

All the while, can we recognize that some men have an experience of #metoo and that their voices shouldn't be shamed or silenced. There is a multiplicity of gendered experiences of violence.

And that fuck, we shouldn't all need to disclose this shit on social media, as many don't feel safe doing so, and so "no" this isn't all of it, all of us. And "no" no person is obligated to share a #metoo if they don't feel safe doing so, or frankly, if they just don't want to....and so let's make sure that those silent voices are accounted for in our thinking and doing.

And "Chad" (aka dude friends), I am seeing a few of you doing the right thing on social media today, and at least trying to find the right words. Where the fuck are the rest of you? How about just not staying silent?

If you are a man and you feel hard done by because of this rant, then you best be checking your shit. This is NOT about you. This is NOT about hating on men, and if you make it about that, then you are dumber than you look.

Talk about "emotional labour" for fuck's sake.

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