February 2nd 2017

I Marched, Now What? #WomensMarch


January 26th 2017

Women's March: What's next?


January 24th 2017

Follow Up with Marissa and the Women’s March in Washington after Donald Trump's Inauguration


January 22nd 2017

'An awakening' for Canadians attending U.S. women's marches

'A love-in': Edmonton woman describes atmosphere at Washington's Women's March

Edmonton feminist returns from women's march in Washington


January 21st 2017

Rallies organized across Canada to support Washington Women's March


January 20th 2017

Durham Woman’s Inside Look at Donald Trump on Inauguration Day

Montrealers head to D.C. to march against Trump


January 19th 2017

Revelstoke organizers plan local rally Saturday in support of Women’s March on Washington


January 18th 2017

Why there's a local Women's March on Washington the day after Trump was sworn in

Edmonton rally aims to show support for the Women’s March on Washington

Local march to support women’s rights


January 17th 2017

Edmonton women preparing to protest in Washington

Ottawa women to rally together in post-inauguration march


January 16th 2017

Montrealers plan 'sister demo' to support Women's March on Washington

Human rights supporters to march in solidarity with Washington activists


January 15th 2017

Waterloo women heading to Washington for post-inauguration march

Vancouver, Victoria events planned to coincide with Women's March on Washington

Ottawa residents headed to Washington for 'historic' march

St. John's rally will support Women’s March on Washington


January 14th 2017

Choquées par Trump, des Québécoises se mobilisent

Here's how you can support the Women's March on Washington in Vancouver and from afar


January 13th 2017

Women from Guelph prepare to March on Washington

Women’s March on Washington in the valley

More than just a protest: the Women’s March on Washington

Women's March on Washington comes to Vancouver next weekend

St. John’s rally to protest Trump, right-wing populism

Canadian Women’s March to take place in Montreal next week

Opinion: Women's march on Washington hits home

St. John’s Rally Part of Global Women’s March Movement


January 12th 2017

Metro’s survival guide for the Women's March on Washington

Why you should go to the Toronto Women’s March on Washington

Pictou County participant in N.S. rally against Trump seeking knitters

Jackie Barkhose is the co-organizer of one of Canada’s 14 rallies in peaceful protest of Donald Trump’s election


January 11th 2017

Women’s rights are human rights – join the #womensmarch on January 21

#womensmarch : marche pour les droits des femmes

Canadians Head to Women’s March on Washington to Protest Trump


January 10th 2017

Vancouver women prepare to march against Trump

Million Women March

'Stand together:' Halifax rally to show solidarity with Women's March on Washington


January 9th 2017

Edmonton Women’s Solidarity March

Edmonton to see Trump-inspired women's march


January 5th 2017

How The Women’s March On Washington Went Global

Ottawa rally against intolerance planned for Trump inauguration


January 1st 2017

Trump Turned These Canadian Women Into Political Activists


December 31st 2016

'We are not going to be silent': Canadian women join March on Washington

Canadian women to join Washington march on day after Trump’s inauguration


December 19th 2016

Toronto women plan trek to Washington for Women's March after Trump's inauguration

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