Take Back the Night - Elliot Lake

Take Back the Night isn't just an event, its an organization, with a mission of ending sexual, relationship, and domestic violence. We are doing our part by honouring those lost, and educating our mentors, neighbours, friends and family.

At 6pm, we are hosting a workplace violence and harassment session, inviting organizations, employers and employees to learn about their rights and responsibilities as it pertains to violence and harassment in the workplace (trust me, going to be super interactive and valuable!) 

Then, at 7, there will be community mentors here to speak to the cause. TBA (but lets just say there will be some fantastic community leaders!) After, will be releasing doves with community members handprints, honouring the lives affected from domestic abuse. (we've got A LOT of balloons- going to be quite the spectacle!) 

Also, snacks! Skip the evening TV and popcorn, come chow down on some delicious goodies provided and hang out with some awesome community members!!

Looking forward to seeing you!


Will you come?

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