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    Working Committees

    For three years, we've marched in cities across Canada. Our mission is to inspire, unite and lead the charge for the advancement of women across Canada.

    Now we take action. Are you ready?

    The H.E.R.S.

    The work that we do, our vision and values can be explained in a unifying framework called H.E.R.S., which spells out the women’s rights priorities of Health, Economic Security, Representation, and Safety:

    • Health — Healthcare is the foundation of women’s well-being and economic stability. Women’s March Canada advocates for access to affordable and inclusive women’s healthcare regardless of nationality, age, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
    • Economic Security — Women are powerful drivers of economic growth, and their economic empowerment benefits all nations. Women’s March Canada supports the dismantling of economic barriers that obstruct women’s full and equal access to local, national, and global economic systems.
    • Representation — Women are under-represented globally, adversely affecting our collective health, safety, and economic security. Women’s March Canada seeks fair and just representation of women locally, nationally, and internationally.
    • Safety — Every woman has the need and right to feel physically secure, and security for women should be assured through sound legal practices. Women’s March Canada stands behind the principle that women are not to be held accountable for actions that are outside their control — particularly regarding all forms of assault — and that fair legal action must be applied to prevent these crimes.

    What's Next? 

    In March 2019, we'll be gathering (virtually) women from across the country and asking them to roll up their sleeves and help us work on the Women's March Canada strategic plan (to be announced by the end of January). 

    Will you help? If so, please join one of the committees below. 

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    Your time and skills are valuable to us.

    If you are looking for opportunities to give back to your community, meet new people, have new experiences, volunteering with the Women's March Canada could be the right place for you.

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