Women’s March Canada Chapters and University Clubs aim to increase public awareness and provides ways to act around issues surrounding women’s health, economic security, representation, and safety by hosting events, providing networking and mentoring opportunities, and organizing annual Women’s Marches.

Local activities that local Women’s March Canada Chapters and University Clubs may be involved in may include, but are not limited to:

  • fundraising for local sexual health and reproductive rights service providers;
  • organizing events to help women empowering each other to build purposeful and fulfilling careers;
  • raise awareness in your community about annual Equal Pay Days and education;
  • helping current, or organizing new, women's campaign schools to encourage more women to run for office;
  • participating in, listening and helping to organize local events to commemorate missing and murdered Indigenous women;
  • fundraising for local sexual assault service providers.

Start a Chapter

Want to start a Chapter or University Club in your community? Sign up here to lead a Women's March Canada chapter in your city. If you are curious about what it means to be a Women's March Canada chapter have a look at our chapter agreement. Keep in mind that Women's March Canada is a new, grassroots not-for-profit organization. The responsibilities of and details about WMC Leaders will grow over the next year.

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