Oxford County Take Back the Night March

Come on out and join a group of KICKASS women who literally have to fight with 3 different municipalities to ensure this march gets done each year! We rotate it between Ingersoll, Woodstock and Tillsonburg and this year is Ingersoll's turn. 3 years ago the Ingersoll OPP "didn't show up" so we marched anyway. We were followed, catcalled, harassed and intimidated by dudes with small penises in big trucks. But we did it anyway. It was scary as FUCK, but we would not back down.

Two years ago the Town of Tillsonburg tried to turn us down with administrative BS. I wrote the mayor as well as shaming him on social media. Surprise, surprise...admin BS disappeared quick and he assured us that he supports women. lol. Okay. Sure. And WE MARCHED.

Last year, we were in Woodstock and mostly it was business as usual except for dealing with misogynistic male police officers during the march.

And this year we're back in Ingersoll and have jumped through even more administrative hoops. But...got approval from the "Corporation of the Town of Ingersoll" to use the road for our march, got assurance the OPP will show up this year (after they tried to make us pay off duty officers for an escort...mmm NOT) and again WE WILL MARCH!

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