Raising My Voice

As a Canadian, nothing makes me prouder than to see our Prime Minister so actively involved in striving towards gender equality and addressing women’s rights issues. We are certainly fortunate to have him paving the way for our future generations to see women equal to their male counterparts.

But Mr. Trudeau, the ground level issues for women across Canada are still grave. Women face difficulties every day. Although our cabinet has an equal number of women and men, our systems are still failing women outside of Parliament – and failing them badly.


Our court processes are slow. Criminal courts take forever to determine if the accused is convicted or not, and the woman who has filed charges against her abuser faces delays in family court proceedings. These processes should be expedited for women going through such circumstances as the delays and unnecessary red tape add to the mental stress.

I am calling for a streamlined, expedited court process for victims of domestic violence in both criminal and family court, so women are not forced to deal with the horrors of their past over and over again.

Tweet: I am calling for an expedited court process for victims of domestic violence. @Sara_CrazyOne https://ctt.ec/a789L+ via @WomensMarchCDA


gavel_womensmarchcanada_socialmedia.pngAs a single mother who has sole interim custody of her children, if I were to leave my job today and exit the workforce I would qualify for legal aid, child care subsidy and much more in benefits. But since I choose to continue to represent women in our workforce I am disqualified from every single benefit. The system has so many loopholes and it fails so many women.

I am calling for a need-based system for women experiencing such unfortunate circumstances.

Make Your Voice Heard

Set up a meeting with your local MP and discuss these issues. Raise your voice and tell our government that it’s time to redesign our plagued systems to actually help women reporting and recovering from abuse. I have set up a meeting with my MP but the dates keep changing, and he seems to be too busy to respond to my emails. But I will not give up.

Over the past year or so, given my frustrations with our legal and justice system, I have also written to the Prime Minister’s office a few times. But it seems like everyone is more interested in talking rather than actually doing something. Our voices seem to be falling on deaf ears.

Mr. Trudeau, it is time to step up and do something about this. It is long overdue and I won’t let this happen at the cost of my mental well being. I need to work for my children and provide for them and I am calling you all to do something about this.

Mr. Trudeau, you need to realize that Canadian women are hurting, and giving up on our system. We need a system that is truly supportive so women can be confident in their decisions of leaving abusive relationships.

I have a voice and I am going to use it so we stop failing women as a whole. This has to stop.

“Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.” — Pierre Trudeau 

I am a Human

Restrain me and I will break free

Force me and I will defy

Suppress me and I will rise

You can’t defeat me


I am a movement

I am filled with anger

I am fire

I am resilient and tough

I am a woman


You can’t control me


I am a human

I am a human

I am a human.

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