Resources for Chapter Leaders

Resources for Chapter Leaders

Chapter Website Change Request
Update your chapter description and contact information as displayed on the Women's March Canada website.

Chapter Organizing Manual

This manual provides a comprehensive overview of Women's March Canada’s chapter processes, duties and responsibilities.

Merging and Dissolving Chapters

Sometimes chapters merge, sometimes they dissolve. Reference Women's March Canada’s policies above and the sample letters below to guide you through this process.

  1. Sample letter to dissolve a chapter
  2. Sample letter to merge one chapter into another
  3. Sample letter to merge two chapters into one chapter

Coalition Guidelines
Women's March Canada chapters often work with other organizations. Review these coalition guidelines to ensure you are following the Women's March Canada policies.

Chapter Development and Action
Curious about your chapter’s finances or how to take action? Check out this brief overview of chapter development and action.

Accessibility Checklist
Women's March Canada events should be accessible to all. When planning meetings and events, reference the above checklist to make sure you are complying with Women's March Canada’s accessibility policy.

Policy for Interaction Between Chapters Sharing the Same Geographical Area
Passed by the Women's March Canada Board of Directors, TBA. This document guides interactions between chapters in the same geographic area.

Who speaks for Women's March Canada?
Unclear about how to deal with press requests? Review the Women's March Canada policy on who can speak for Women's March Canada.

Branding your Women's March Canada chapter
Every Women's March Canada chapter has its own personality. Refer to this branding guide to ensure your chapter’s distinct identity is reflected. Please use the below image when designing your chapter’s logo.

Feminist Planning Calendar
Below are some important dates throughout the year for your chapter to organize around.

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