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In November of 2016, when I heard there was a bus going from Toronto to D.C., I knew immediately that I needed to be on it. 

I'm a biracial woman who grew up in northern Ontario (in the Soo!). I've called myself a feminist my entire life and found my place in the social justice world while studying psychology at Carleton University. One, let's call it "enlightening", semester of courses at Carleton included: psychology of womenwomen in modern Christian traditions and psychology of black women. I was a chapter leader for Attachment Parenting International and I am a chapter leader for Lean In, since 2015, and for Hacking Health, since 2016. 

Today, after two now-annual Women's Marches, Women's March Canada is moving are moving from a march to a movement and we need your help in the development of the following programs: 

  • Elect Pro-Choice Progressive Women
  • National Postpartum Support
  • Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs
  • Male Allies Stopping Violence Against Women

We're gathering amazing women from across the country and beyond to help develop the above programs but we need help in financing the basics for the Women's March Canada website and social media tools. Please help by donating whatever you can!

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  • Restore all provincial funding to Ontario College of Midwives

    Another cut affecting primarily women.

    "Doug Ford's government has revoked current and future funding for the College of Midwives of Ontario, the regulatory body that oversees more than 900 midwives and has had government support for 25 years."

    In September 2018, the Ford government was told by the Tribunal to negotiate with midwives to end the pay equity gap. To date, the Ford Tories have refused to negotiate.

    The statement said the changes will have no impact on the public. "We cannot cut our services and programs, as the College's work is mandated by our governing legislation," it said.

    "It is likely that midwives will have to pay more to the College on an annual basis," the College added. "This is not news we wanted to share."

    2,355 signatures

    Whereas the College of Midwives is responsible for licensing and regulating the profession of midwifery; and the province of Ontario is responsible for funding medical care;

    We the undersigned, as constituents and residents of Ontario, demand Ontario restore funding to the Ontario College of Midwives immediately.

    Removing funding places the burden of financing the college on approximately 900 members whose fees are capped by the province.

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    2019 Marches

    we_march_2018.pngTwo years ago, on January 21, 2017, people of all backgrounds--women and men and gender nonconforming people, young and old, of diverse faiths, differently abled, immigrants and indigenous--came together, 5 million strong, on all seven continents of the world. 

    List your 1/19/19 March today!

    In 2019, on January 19th, we march again.

    Women's March Canada recognizes that there is no true peace, freedom, or inclusion without equity for all. Events across the country on January 19th will feature music, art, community booths, and speakers in a shared voice of resistance with advocacy aligned with the national Women’s March Unity Principles: ending violence, protection of reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, workers’ rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, Indigenous people’s rights and environmental justice. We look forward to sharing this experience with you and engaging our many communities even further.

    2019 Sister Marches

    Sister Marches are solidarity events inspired by the Women's March on Washington and organized by volunteers around the world.  Information on Sister Marches is updated daily. Check back soon if you do not see a march in your area. If you don't see your city listed here, please consider becoming a Sister March organizer for your community. 




    British Columbia

    Fraser Valley (Chilliwack)

    Grand Forks





    New Brunswick


    Saint John

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    Northwest Territories

    Nova Scotia

    Digby Neck/Sandy Cove





    Huron-Bruce (Goderich)

    Niagara Region


    Owen Sound


    Thunder Bay


    Waterloo Region

    Prince Edward Island







    Pussy Hats

    Looking for information about pussy hats? The Pussyhat Project™ is a social movement focused on raising awareness about women's issues and advancing human rights by promoting dialogue and innovation through the arts, education and intellectual discourse. The Pussyhat™ is a symbol of support and solidarity for women's rights and political resistance. To make a hat, give a hat and wear a hat, visit their website: 

    March Organizers

    Don't see your city? Want to help existing organizers in your city? Volunteer to help today!

    How to March

    Welcome to the movement, and thank you for considering hosting a Sister March on January 19, 2019. The Women’s March is a grassroots effort and you are leading it! Hosting a local Women’s March is a great way to organize your community, make your voice heard, and help build the movement.

    The goal of the Women's March 2019 Organizing Toolkit is to provide guidance and support to your local efforts. The following guidelines and suggestions will help you organize safe, successful events that receive positive attention and help build this powerful movement beyond January 19.

    Women's March 2019 Organizing Toolkit

    Promote your Women's March Canada March

    Women's March Canada Branding Guidelines

    Weekly Call Information for March Organizers

    Women's March Canada will be hosting weekly information call for all March organizers across Canada. Whether you’re a veteran organizer or have never done this before, we'll share steps you need to take to get your March on the map.

    We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all.


    The Women's March Canada website allows you to list your 2019 March on our site for all visitors to see and register for. All local March organizers will be able to set up their events on our calendar. Events can be linked to existing Facebook and Meetup events, or you can simply post your event to Facebook right through Women's March Canada. Your Sister March webpage on our site will also allow you to make requests for volunteers

    List your March


    We believe that together we can create transformative social change. Our experience from the 2017 and 2018 Women’s Marches shows that together we have an impact beyond our wildest expectations.

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    Every woman has the need and right to feel physically secure, and security for women should be assured through sound legal practices. Women’s March Canada stands behind the principle that women are not to be held accountable for actions that are outside their control — particularly regarding all forms of assault — and that fair legal action must be applied to prevent these crimes.



    What organizations in your community are working to improve women's safety? Tell us below. 

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    Lean In Circles

    lean-in_chapter.pngIs one of the goals of your Women's March Canada chapter to host or co-host 10-12 Lean In Circles per year to support women's economic security and representation in your community? Use this guide to start!

    What are Lean In Circles?

    Lean In Circles are small groups that meet regularly to share and learn together. The Lean In organization describes Circles “like a book club focused on helping members achieve their goals.” If members want extra support and structure for starting a Circle, Lean In provides an online space and Circle Kits to help Circle moderators get organized and stay connected.

    Lean In recommends that Circles meet 10 times a year, starting with a Kickoff Meeting and then hosting your own Lean In Circles by using Lean In's prepared Discussion Guides and/or by bringing in your own community speakers who encourage women's leadership.

    The Lean In website provides free online tools for those who are interested in serving as moderators to host Kickoffs, Education Meetings, and Exploration Meetings as well.

    Lean in and Women's March? 

    The work that Women's March Canad does, our vision and values can be explained in a unifying framework called H.E.R.S., which spells out the women’s rights priorities of Health, Economic Security, Representation, and Safety. Within that framework, Economic Security and Representation speak specifically to women's leadership. 

    • Economic Security — Women are powerful drivers of economic growth, and their economic empowerment benefits all nations. Women’s March Canada supports the dismantling of economic barriers that obstruct women’s full and equal access to local, national, and global economic systems.
    • Representation — Women are under-represented globally, adversely affecting our collective health, safety, and economic security. Women’s March Canada seeks fair and just representation of women locally, nationally, and internationally.

    How can your Chapter host Lean In Circles? 


    Getting Started

    1. Within your Chapters leadership team, assign 1-4 people to manage your local communities Lean In Circles. The more helpers the merrier!
    2. With your local Lean In team review the following resources together to get started:

    Your First, and ongoing, Lean In Circles

    1. Have your Chapter's Lean In team review and discuss Lean In's Additional resources to get started.
    2. Find a space for your Lean In Circle, e.g., local business incubator spaces, chamber of commerce, libraries, etc. A space that complements the vision and mission of Women's March Canada is ideal. 
    3. Speak with possible local sponsors for refreshments for your Circle. Many national organizations, e.g., Toyota Canada, may have community funds just for those purposes. 
    4. Confirm the topic or Lean in Discussion Guide that you'll use for your first (next) Lean In Circle. 
    5. Confirm who will lead your first (next) Lean In Circle, e.g., one of your Lean In team members or an outside speaker who is an expert on the chosen topic. 
    6. 4 weeks before your scheduled Circle, list the event on our Calendar and in your Women's March Canada Facebook group
    7. Encourage your team and all your members to share these two event listings on all social platforms, e.g., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, MeetUp, etc. 
    8. One (1) week before your meeting:
      • send out reminder messages to your members and, especially, all who have RSVPd.
      • confirm the space with your location host, including information regarding getting to your meeting room and parking
      • confirm refreshments for your Circle, if applicable. 
    9. One (1) day before your meeting:
      • send out reminder messages to your members and your location host.
    10. During your first (and ongoing) meetings, set (and confirm) your Circle's goals.
      1. This is a great resource on this topic: How to set goals for your Circle
    11. One (1) day after your meeting:
      • send out thank you messages to your members and your location host.
      • remind your members and your location host about your next month's meeting.
    12. Repeat!

    Ongoing Support for your Chapter's Lean In Circle

    1. Join a Circle or Start your Chapter's own Circle here:
      • if you do find that there are Lean In Circle(s) already formed in your community invite them to join your Chapter and work together to encourage and support women's leadership in your community.
    2. Make sure your Chapter team and in particular, for these purposes, your Chapters' Lean In Circle leaders, are members of the Women's March Canada Organizers workspace on Slack

    Lean In Resources in Canada


  • An interview with Sara Bingham #womensmarch

    Thank you for Sara Bingham for joining us for this episode of our podcast. Sara Bingham, one of Women's March Canada's Executive Directors. She got on a bus and marched in the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017.

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    Take Action

    Women's March Canada is working to move from a march to a movement. 

    Sharing Inspiring Stories

    You've got a story to tell! We love sharing the stories of inspiring Canadian women entrepreneurs on our podcast and blog. Please sign up here so we can share your story with the world:

    Events that Empower Women

    We want to help broadcast the news of all events in Canada that empower women! Please list your event(s) here and we'll share on all our social channels!

    Are You Running? 

    We want to help women get elected! Are you running? Take the survey: Elect #Prochoice #Feminists Survey #munipoli #onpoli #fedpoli #womeninpolitics

    Women's March Canada from a March to a Movement!

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    Sign the petition: Keep Ontario's Current Sex-Ed Curriculum Petition #SexEd #onted #onpoli #SexEdSavesLives #consentmatters

    Keep Ontario's Current Sex-Ed Curriculum Petition

    Women’s March Canada is deeply disappointed with the announcement by the Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, to roll back Ontario’s modernized sexual health education curriculum ahead of the upcoming school year. Ontario’s children and youth deserve access to health and physical education information that ensures their safety and aligns with the realities of our rapidly changing world.

    873 signatures

    sexed-curriculum_socialmedia.pngTo the Legislative Assembly of Ontario


    The revised 2015 health curriculum has been extensively researched and is the most progressive and up-to-date in Ontario’s history. There is no other curriculum in the province that has benefited from nearly a decade of input from both experts in the field and thousands of parents.

    The repeal of the current Ontario curriculum for Grades 1-8 in Health and Physical Education, 2015 (Revised) means:

    • Ontario students will no longer be taught the concept of ‘consent.’ The word consent appears ZERO times in the 1998 health curriculum. Given the rate of sexual violence against women in Ontario, this is completely unacceptable.
    • There will be zero discussion on gender identity or same-sex relationships.
    • Students will not learn about issues around gender-based violence, sexual harassment, homophobia, the social impacts of puberty, sexting, cyberbullying or protecting yourself from online predators. There have been 78 women and girls killed in Canada so far this year and most of them were in Ontario.

    Curriculum Documents

    The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Health and Physical Education, 2015 (revised)

    We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

    1. Immediately reinstate the revised 2015 health curriculum;
    2. Provide a clear and transparent plan for additional consultations including a timeline for consultations;
    3. Provide a clear and transparent plan for how the initial consultations will be incorporated into any revisions proposed by the Ford Government;
    4. If a new curriculum document is to be made and presented, please indicate where and how it will address the following topics included in the 2015 revision: consent; sexting; cyberbullying; LGBTQ2S; body parts; and other information to help young people advocate for their own health and safety.


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    An interview with Kelly Swartz #letstalkaboutsex

    Thank you to our guest today, Kelly Swartz. Kelly is an erotic expert and health coach. Through erotic self-awakening, Kelly empowers her clients to improve their relationships and claim their sexuality.

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