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In November of 2016, when I heard there was a bus going from Toronto to D.C., I knew immediately that I needed to be on it. 

I'm a biracial woman who grew up in northern Ontario (in the Soo!). I've called myself a feminist my entire life and found my place in the social justice world while studying psychology at Carleton University. One, let's call it "enlightening", semester of courses at Carleton included: psychology of womenwomen in modern Christian traditions and psychology of black women. I was a chapter leader for Attachment Parenting International and I am a chapter leader for Lean In, since 2015, and for Hacking Health, since 2016. 

Today, after two now-annual Women's Marches, Women's March Canada is moving are moving from a march to a movement and we need your help in the development of the following programs: 

  • Elect Pro-Choice Progressive Women
  • National Postpartum Support
  • Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs
  • Male Allies Stopping Violence Against Women

We're gathering amazing women from across the country and beyond to help develop the above programs but we need help in financing the basics for the Women's March Canada website and social media tools. Please help by donating whatever you can!

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Sara Bingham

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