Sheryl Evans-Price, ADSB Trustee Candidate

Sheryl Evans-Price is a School Trustee Candidate for the Algoma District School Board. Sheryl shares, "Being a woman in politics over the last four years has been inspiring, challenging and life-changing. I am learning from great role-models within this system, and these opportunities have changed the direction of my life as a mature woman."

Sheryl-Evans-Price-womensmarchcanada-socialmedia.pngWHY DID YOU DECIDE TO RUN?

I do believe that Rural Northern Ontario needs strong, passionate, knowledgeable representation in politics at every level.  I decided to run for School Board Trustee because I have children who are in the system, they are my inspiration and my greatest accomplishments. I am a strong supporter of community schools, and living for a decade in rural Northern Ontario, the community school model is exactly where I wanted my children to grow and learn. But with declining enrollment, tight budget restraints, limited resources, and older school infrastructures beginning to fail, I began to recognize that these precious spaces systematically across our province were in jeopardy. I wanted to represent my community moving forward. I wanted to be the voice for students, families, and constituents across my community, and I was successful in the last election winning a seat on Algoma District School Board. I won the support of my colleagues and have been Vice-Chair of ADSB for the last two years. I also won the support of others in North Eastern Ontario School Boards and am sitting for my second year on the Policy Development Team at the Ontario Public School Board Association. Representing my community in this capacity has been a great privilege.


My Community North and West of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario is close-knit and is lush with natural resources. Lake Superior shoreline, inland lakes, forests, bush, and rivers, ecosystems that every Canadian long for in their souls, we are immersed in. Our children learn in their surroundings, they enjoy being outdoors, breathing the fresh air, and playing in this natural wilderness all seasons of the year. And our communities support this. My family has been living in this area for a decade and will be here for decades more. It is peaceful, healing, and full of learning opportunities that are second to none.


There are many challenges in Northern Ontario when it comes to the education of our youth. Sustainable transportation systems, limited social resources, a fluctuating economy, and the ability for our Board to provide quality, unique, and diverse programming to all in the districts are just a few. We all pay our tax dollars and want to ensure that this money is being spent in responsible and efficient ways. We want a sustainable public education system that is healthy and vibrant for years to come. Public Education is extremely important, it is the greatest equalizer across our district, our province, and our country. Our children are our future and they need positive representation sitting at every table.


As a woman in today's society, I recognize that our young girls and young boys need to see diversity at every level of employment/professions and in life. They need role models and standards set high, they need to have limitless dreams and see opportunity where perhaps they haven't seen it before. Women need to be encouraged to stand up, to see that there are no longer barriers to the successes and desires that we have and will strive for. There is no longer a need for divide or for limitations. I raise my children with ideas that no person is less-than, that we are all equal, with dreams and hopes and love, and that with hard work, education, perseverance, and determination we all can achieve. Being Confident and Caring, learning from strong role-models, and knowing that the right people are in the right places managing Education so our children can learn freely, and with integrity, and creating sustainable systems for years to come is what I support and work hard towards every day.

Inspiring every person in my community to vote, and encouraging every person to be engaged in how decisions are made and who is making them is part of what I want to bring to my campaign. Voters in my communities need to know that I am listening, accessible, and ready to hear their concerns. Education is so important. I am very hopeful that I will be successful in my campaign, and continue to be a strong voice and community advocate as Trustee for Prince Township and Sault North Unorganized Townships at Algoma District School Board.

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