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Women’s March Canada is striving to work with our chapters, not-for-profit organizations and charities that complement our mission and vision. We can help shine a light on your cause! For a document that includes the information below, click here.


Inspiring, uniting and leading the charge for the advancement of women across Canada.


Making the equality of women in Canada the new norm.

Women’s March Canada can help support your launch, events and more! As of September 9, 2019, our online stats include:

  • Website users/week: 1,427
  • Website pageviews/week: 2,989
  • E-newsletter Subscribers: 10,169
  • Twitter followers: 12,000
  • Facebook Likes: 12,610
  • Instagram Followers: 2,815

Event Posts

List your event on our website here: https://www.womensmarchcanada.com/calendar. Your listed event will be shared on our Facebook and Twitter accounts twice before the event.

Our calendar page allows you to gather supporters helps build meaningful relationships. You can create event pages for community events, parties, large conferences, or even digital hangouts. From an event page on our website, you can accept RSVPs, fill volunteer shifts, sell tickets, track attendance and more!

What do we need from you for your event post?

Custom E-Newsletter

Our e-newsletters go out nationally to over 10,000 subscribers. You can sign up for our e-newsletter here: https://www.womensmarchcanada.com/newsletter

What do we need from you for your custom e-newsletter?

  • Review the E-Newsletter Best Practice Suggestions here.
  • For text for your newsletter content that is between 250 and 350 words.
  • Include one primary call to action as well as concise and intriguing text that send our subscribers to your website.
  • Include an enticing subject line (see the best practice suggestions above).
  • Email the above to sara@womensmarchcanada.com

Blog Post

Share a blog post about your launch or event here: https://www.womensmarchcanada.com/blog

What do we need from you for your blog post?

  • Aim for a blog 250 to 500 words max in length.
  • Topics related to women’s empowerment and the HERS are ideal, e.g., posts related to women’s health, economic security, representation/leadership and safety.
  • Be sure you begin your blog post with an overview of what you’ll be discussing.
  • Include 2-3 subheadings in your post so our readers can easily jump to the information they want most.
  • Include a closing paragraph to sum up your article by restating your “thesis,” so to speak.
  • Email the above to: sara@womensmarchcanada.com

Twitter Post

We’ll share a twitter post(s) about your event here: https://twitter.com/WomensMarchCDA.

What do we need from you for your twitter post?

  • Compose tweet for your launch or event with around 100-200 characters. The shorter the better.
    • Include your twitter handle in the tweet.
    • Include one or two hashtags in your tweet. One or two hashtags can get you up to two times more engagement than tweets without hashtags, according to a study by Buddy Media/Salesforce.
  • Photos can make content twice as engaging. Create a 1024 px by 512 px image to accompany your tweet. We’ve found that Canva.com is very helpful for this.
  • Outside of your recommended 100-200 characters, including one or two hashtags, also include a link to your event or launch webpage.
  • Email the above to sara@womensmarchcanada.com
  • Here’s an example this type of tweet:  

Facebook Post

We’ll share a post about your event or event on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/womensmarchcanada/

What do we need from you for your Instagram post?

  • Keep your post short (no more than 90 characters) and tone personal. Think about asking a question.
  • Include a URL in your post copy and include your Facebook handle so we can tag you in the post.
  • Photos can make content twice as engaging. Use a high impact image, not just your logo. Create a 940px by 788px px image to accompany your Facebook post. We’ve found that Canva.com is very helpful for this.
  • After the post is up, stay around and join in the comments section to continue the conversation.
  • Email the above to sara@womensmarchcanada.com
  • Here’s an example this type of Facebook post:  

Instagram Posts

We’ll share your event on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/womensmarchcanada

What do we need from you for your Instagram post?

  • Include an image, 1080 px in width by 1080 px in height, that shares your organization identity and message.
  • Include a 138-150 character caption for the image that encourages people to engage, e.g., ask a question in your caption.
  • Include 5-10 hashtags. Hashtags are a fantastic way to connect users who are interested in your cause and similar topics
  • Consider including 1-3 emojis in your caption to get attention and put an emphasis on your message.
  • Email the above to sara@womensmarchcanada.com


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