Statement regarding Louis Farrakhan

We at Women's March Canada deeply condemn statements from any persons that seek to divide with hatred or discrimination, including Louis Farrakhan, who has no association with Women's March Canada, or our team. We cannot and will not allow anti-semitic, homophobic, transphobic or misogynistic language to be a part of our dialogue.

Our Women's March Canada team, led by Executive Directors Michelle Brewer and Sara Bingham, are engaged with thousands of women across Canada from Salt Spring Island to St. John's, from Windsor to Whitehorse. Women’s March Canada is part of the international organization, Women’s March Global, both sister organizations of Women’s March in the US.

At our core, we are part of a global movement, a global community. Our voice at Women's March Canada is intersectional, diverse and flexible, and embodies an open, collaborative and transparent philosophy that aligns and works with other women’s rights and human rights groups across the country and around the globe.

Women's March Canada was founded on the principles that people of all backgrounds – women and men and gender nonconforming people, indigenous and immigrants, of diverse faiths, abilities and ages – are all deserving of equality, justice, freedom, and inclusion.

We will continue to embody these principles to amplify and activate issues using education, mobilization, dialogue, engagement and collective action.

In Community and Solidarity,
The Women's March Canada Community

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