Tenille Bonoguore, Waterloo City Councillor Candidate

Tenille Bonoguore is running as a Waterloo City Councillor Candidate. She is an award-winning journalist, science writer and passionate community-builder. Tenille has sat on environmental and community boards and has regularly appeared on CBC Kitchener-Waterloo as their parenting columnist.


Tenille-Bonoguore-womensmarchcanada-socialmedia.pngWhy did you decide to run?

This is a critical time in the city’s life. I’m running because I want to make sure we’re making smart decisions that ensure a healthy, vibrant, sustainable future for all residents.

What is your favourite thing to do in your community?

I have five-year-old twins, so our life features more parks than patios these days! I love exploring nature, checking out local events (shout-out to the Grand Porch Party, my first Waterloo baby!), and bumping into neighbours when we’re strolling the neighbourhood.

Tell us about the greatest challenges your community faces?

The need to intensify without destroying existing neighbourhoods. I firmly support the countryside line, which means we need to build up and in. But that has implications for built form, green space, access to services, traffic, transit, and more. The greatest challenge we face Uptown is managing this change today and putting in place a structure to support a healthy future tomorrow.

What would you do to improve women's health in your community?

Health is holistic. We need to protect women’s health rights, provide support and shelter for those in need, and reduce the stress of daily living. The main pieces I see impacting Ward 7 are: promoting affordable housing, ensuring equitable access to services and transportation, and making sure child care is easy to access and afford.

What would you do to improve women's economic security in your community?

Housing affordability and child care are the pressing issues for many women and families. I will support a living wage, work with my City and Region colleagues to promote affordable housing measures in Uptown and to promote a variety of housing options being developed across the core. For older women, we must promote affordability of housing, accessibility to transit, and good access to health services.

What would you do to improve women's safety in your community?

I strongly support the Waterloo Region Police Service community task force that has been set up to review sexual assault reports, and I look forward to the WRPS increasing its training for police officers on these matters. On the streets, I will advocate for safety in transit by ensuring we have good street lighting, supporting efforts to create a connected grid of bike lanes, and exploring how to make sidewalks safe and accessible year-round.

Help Tenille Get Elected

How can supporters help your campaign?

There are many ways you can lend support to “Team T”! Donations are much appreciated and will help cover the many expenses of running a campaign. If you’d like to volunteer, please follow the: below (our volunteer coordinators Tanya and Zach will get back to you). Or you can request a lawn sign!

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